WELCOME to the T. W. Lawson Financial web site, I appreciate your interest. This company was established after twenty years of involvement in the investment community as a finance professor, financial seminar instructor, stockbroker, financial planner and individual investor. The mission of T. W. Lawson Financial is to educate and train individual investors to understand and manage their own investments. T. W. Lawson Financial has no financial affiliation with any financial product or company. The final major objective is to educate the client to the extent that they can develop a financial plan that will help achieve the investor's objectives.

Financial planning is a process that involves many aspects of an individual's life, such as wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, retirement planning, estate planning and risk management to name a few areas. Managing an investor's financial situation is an ongoing activity rather than a one time occurrence. A knowledgeable investor with realistic expectations has a much better chance of success in accumulating and maintaining their wealth. Major accumulations of wealth are usually the result a process of systematic investing rather than a lucky, one time gamble.

Some of the major areas in the planning process involve:

  • Establishing and quantifying personal goals.

  • Reviewing current income and expenditures.

  • Completing various financial schedules (Balance sheets, Expenditure and Income statements etc.).

  • Reviewing current saving systems.

  • Reviewing current holdings in terms of investor's objectives.

  • Developing or modifying current investment techniques to achieve objectives.

Investor education is the primary objective of T.W. Lawson Financial, LLC. Mr. Lawson has written a text book called:

  • "Money Management - Manual & Workbook", available on this website.