Money Management Manual by Thomas W. Lawson, CFP™

This book is intended to be a comprehensive and practical approach to financial planning, investment analysis and retirement planning. Its goal is to educate, guide and apply investment concepts in an easy to understand manner. This text is currently being used by the author to educate investors in the financial planning process.

Major topics include:

  • Power of compounding
  • Hiring a financial advisor
  • Planning process (determine financial objectives)
  • Data gathering
  • Development of financial planning documents
  • Categorizing, analyzing and defining current holdings
  • Portfolio planning, preparation and analysis
  • Practical asset allocation
  • Portfolio creation, analysis, monitoring, and rebalancing
  • Fundamental analysis of stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Securities - price determinants factors
  • Understanding securities creation and ratio development
  • Sources of financial information. (ratios, statistics and key information)
  • Stock fundamentals, definitions and parameters
  • Bond fundamentals, dynamics, definitions and parameters
  • Mutual fund descriptions, dynamics, and parameters etc.
  • Preliminary stock analysis - (ratio review)
  • Use of statistics in security analysis
  • Methods of security analysis (technical and fundamental analysis)
  • Comparative analysis by company over time, competition, and sector
  • Understanding macro economics and its impact on investing
  • Deciphering and understanding cycles (business, economic and stock)
  • Securities selection process (also when to buy and when to sell)
  • Implementation techniques (who, what, when and why)
  • Retirement planning considerations
  • Tax considerations
  • Estate planning

The items above are meant to be a representative, but not all inclusive example of the topics covered in this book.

It is recommended that stockbrokers (representatives) and financial planners encourage their clients to read and use this book to advance their financial education, assist in establishing realistic client expectations, understand financial market dynamics, and convey financial language, techniques and terms. A better informed and educated customer is less likely to be dissatisfied, transfer, arbitrate, or litigate.

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